We foster collaboration among health, education, research, and policy professionals in order to improve the status quo for females and their health. 


We envision a world where the female cycle is respected and acknowledged as the rich source of data and information that it is (as a fifth vital sign).

We believe that when females are empowered with a deeper understanding of their cycles, they are in a better position to make more informed decisions about their health.

We are inspiring cross-sector professionals to challenge their assumptions about female health, and explore new possibilities with open hearts and open minds. 

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Our vision is to
transform periods
from painful to pain-free
Holistic Reproductive Health
Advocacy, Education & Innovation



To advocate for better representation of females in research, policy and healthcare.


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To empower females to make more informed decisions about their health.


To collaborate across sectors to scale the impact of holistic health professionals. 

For Future Menstruators

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Everyone has their own story of learning about the power of our periods - often coupled with angry recollections about the inadequate information provided in schools and in doctor's offices. We aim to improve the status quo for future generations through programming, mentorship programs, initiation ceremonies, and more. 

For Each Other

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We are opening each others' eyes to the full realm of menstrual health and empowerment. We have a lot of self-education to do, and by sharing our findings with one another and collaborating, we can facilitate a period paradigm shift. 

For the Planet

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By improving our ability to listen to our bodies, we can improve our ability to listen to the earth. In their cyclical natures, both female bodies and Mother Nature provide biofeedback. 

Once we learn to listen again, we can find a healthier rhythm.