Our Team

Our team is comprised of people from around the world dedicated to transforming female health care & education.


Co-Founder &
Community Catalyst

Lana Friesen has a penchant for the cooperative economy, menstrual health, and connecting to the wild. After completing her BA in Philosophy, Lana has been exploring the process of building bridges between communities, academic institutions, and the public & private sectors. A RADIUS Fellow, Lana enjoys analyzing issues on a systems-level and rallies to challenge the embedded perception of periods as inherently painful. Lana’s goal with Blood Cycle Community is to stimulate the community connections that support a long overdue period paradigm shift



Social Media Intern

Jessie Stainton is an aspiring sexual health advocate and writer recently graduated from the Univeristy of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. She is passionate about helping individuals make informed and autonomous decisions about their body. She is beyond excited to be apart of the Blood Cycle Community Team! 


Co-Founder & Community Catalyst

Jennilyn has been a cycledork since she was a tween first intrigued by the magic of menstruation. 
It wasn't until several years ago, when she started researching, investigating and tracking her own cycle - before apps! -  that she realized there's so much more to know, and with that knowledge comes empowerment. She started cycledork.com as a period-positive space with an underlying mission to undo the taboo around menstruation. She's proud to continue those efforts as a member of the BCC team.