Choose Your Own Adventure Series

Hurray! You recognized that an irregular period is a 'low grade' on your monthly report card. You find all of this info online about hair loss, and insulin resistance, and you've read your new menstruation bible: the Period Repair Manual.

After about a year of adjusting your diet to add some important nutrients and to eliminate some inflammatory foods (figuring out just the additions and eliminations that are good for you), being off the pill, learning about what each of your symptoms mean about your body, these symptoms have started to alleviate. 

The biggest change you notice is that your acne is mostly gone, and your moods have significantly improved. 

Your hair is still losing more than you wish you were losing, but you have seen improvement. 

And the hair growth on your chin is in the decline, too! No need to pluck anymore! 

Best of all, you understand your monthly cycle. You understand that you weren't ovulating regularly before, and now that you are ovulating each month, you're in a position to get pregnant (if and/or when that's your goal).

Congratulations on repairing your period! And best of all, you did it while retaining sovereignty over your body.