Menstruation Mentorship

If you're seeking a more peaceful and pain-free period but don't know where to start, Menstruation Mentorship offers you a chance to chat with Lana Friesen about your particular challenges. After learning more about your typical cycle experience, Lana curates the most promising and complementary remedies, and will develop a customized e-book and care package.

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Information Gathering + 3 Support Check-ins

Upon completing an intake form, you will meet with Lana (either in-person or online) to chat for about 45 minutes about your particular challenges as well as what you've already tried. Lana will make some initial recommendations, and after seven days will offer you a Period Portfolio and (optional) a Care Package.

Equipped with new information and new tools, you can begin seeing changes over your next few cycles. Lana will schedule three support sessions (one per cycle) to check-in on how you're doing.

The last session will include a plan for the best next steps to continue this new path towards painless periods.

Personalized Period Portfolio

A compilation of resources with specific recommendations to get you started on integrating new, regular practices that can help transform your period from painful to pain-free.

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Personalized Care Package

There are minerals, herbs, oils, or tools that can help alleviate period pain or other adverse symptoms. If desired, Lana will compile the tools specific to your Period Portfolio to get you started on your Pain-free Period Journey. 

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