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Systems Mapping and Exploration

  • Bethlehem Centre 2371 Arbot Rd Nanaimo, BC, V9R 6S9 Canada (map)

Systems Mapping

What innovations are sparked when you gather women's health experts in a room to discuss hormonal birth control? By bringing multiple Fertility Awareness Professionals and other stakeholders into a single room, the Justisse FA Conference provides a unique opportunity to combine efforts and bridge silos in menstrual cycle education in Canada. This workshop provides a space to map out the usage of hormonal birth control and encourages the sort of cross-sector communication needed to spread awareness about the implications and health risks involved in using hormonal birth control. A "System Exploration and Innovation" Workshop includes one hour of systems mapping to get a full view of the challenges, supportive factors, and opportunities for intervention. This Systems Map can be made available to different organizations seeking to further menstrual cycle education, so the impact of this exercise can ripple out across the globe and across different sectors.

Dotmocracy & Collaborator Shuffle 

After a brief re-cap of the Systems Map, participants will be invited to spotlight the most promising opportunities for innovation and collaboration. Through a quick dot voting exercise, we will narrow down the ideas for intervening on the system to 4 or 5. Participants will then be invited to physically show up to whichever idea they are most interested in investing their time, energy, resources, etc. Through this self-organizing structure, collaborations of interdisciplinary practitioners can be forged, bridging efforts and increasing the potential for impact.

Closing Circle

To close, participants will be invited to share some key points, insights and emerging collaborations, well as some closing thoughts.

Lana Friesen

Lana was diagnosed with PCOS in 2012 which is when she started to explore a wider lens of menstrual health. Through her healing journey, Lana became inspired to educate herself in all menstruation matters, and was soon after inspired to share the resources she'd compiled with others through the Blood Cycle Community (BCC). BCC has hosted Q&As on Twitter, Facebook, Google Hangouts with a variety of practitioners including Lara Briden (Naturopathic Doctor and author of Period Repair Manual), Barbara Loomis (Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Nutritious Movement practitioner), among others. Lana is a RADIUS Fellow in Radical Doing and is an alumna of the IMPACT! Youth Sustainability Leadership Training run by The Natural Step Canada.

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