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How it works for Practitioners:

1) Apply

Help us get to know you and the types of services you offer by filling out the form below.

2) Submit your info

Provide us with your bio, headshot OR intro video (max 1 min), services & rates, and availability.

You choose your own rates, hours, and dates of availability.
BCC will deduct 15% from whatever you choose to charge to pay for administration, marketing, and technical costs.

3) Get bookings

Clients will book sessions through our integrated booking system.

4) Meet your client

Have your session in the agreed-upon software like Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, etc.

5) Confirm session completion

Confirm the session was completed (the client will also need to confirm, and is encouraged to write a review).

6) Get paid

After the session occurs and you’ve both confirmed completion, you are paid for all completed & confirmed sessions through PayPal on the last day of the month.

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While products can support healing and wellness for clients, we want to mitigate possible conflicts of interest. If you answer "yes" to these questions we will simply have a follow-up conversation with you to understand how you plan to address any possible conflicts of interest.