Choose Your Own Adventure Series 

5 more years go by, and you feel ready to have children. You go off the pill and notice that you don't get your period at all. 

After 6 months of being off the pill and having no success in getting pregnant, you turn to your friends.

One of them just went to this conference in Vancouver all about menstruation... You remember she invited you but at the time you thought "I don't need that, I have regular periods now that I'm on the pill. Besides, who wants to talk about menstruation!?" 

She tells you that she had a condition called PCOS where her periods were also irregular. She discovered it was because she had too much sugar in her diet, along with too much stress in her life. After the conference, she talked to a local naturopathic doctor, read a book all about periods, and then started to fix her diet and lifestyle, until her hormones balanced themselves again. She said one of the biggest things she learned was how hormonal birth control negatively impacts your health - she said it suppresses ovulation!

She kept going on a bit, but you weren't paying attention anymore - "It stops ovulation?" you think to yourself... "Could that be why I can't get pregnant?" 

After another minute of her animatedly talking about this conference, and how every menstruator should know this information, you cut her off:

"Do you think that's what's behind my fertility challenges?"

She looks at you steadily and replies, "Absolutely." She tells you that before the pill, you might not have been ovulating regularly anyway, but when you started the pill, your ovulation and hormone production from the ovaries completely stopped. She offers to lend you her book, and she recommends some other resources. She tells you that since the conference a group of menstruators in the city started meeting monthly to continue discussing these kinds of issues, inviting "newbies" to help share the information.