About the Fertility Awareness Educator Spotlight Series

The Blood Cycle Community aims to facilitate a period paradigm shift by transforming how we think about menstruation, our bodies, and our cycles! We've become an official Ally with the Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals (AFAP) because these professionals are all working towards educating and empowering people to better understand their bodies as well.

Far from being the ill-reputed "rhythm method", Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs, sometimes FAM) are observation-based methods grounded in science. From AFAP's website:


"Fertility Awareness enables people to understand their cycles and their fertility, for pregnancy prevention, pregnancy achievement, and for reproductive health and sexual well-being. Fertility Awareness is a powerful tool that can change lives for the better. When learned thoroughly and practiced correctly, it can be highly effective."


The FA Professionals in AFAP have all been trained and certified to teach and develop their own practice in helping their clients with diverse goals. Over the next several months, BCC will shine a spotlight on one of these Fertility Awareness Educators in the form of a Q&A to help you get to know them better! Many of these practitioners are available for consultation and also offer e-books, courses and workshops. We encourage you to take a "deeper dive" after each brief Q&A and explore their websites and social media pages. Reach out to them if you have questions!