Choose Your Own Adventure

You're 20 years old.

You feel like there might be something "wrong" with you - you have unwanted hair growth on your chin, you lose A LOT of hair every time you brush it or shower, you have bad dandruff, and persistent acne problems.

You look after your health as best you can; you work out every single day, and you eat a well-balanced diet. So what's the deal!? 

On top of your appearance issues, you feel very moody, and get insanely hangry if you haven't eaten in the last couple of hours. You figure that's just because you exercise so much. 

Your period comes pretty irregularly, and sometimes it doesn't come at all. Aside from minor cramps once in a while, you pretty much ignore your period. 


You treat each symptom individually (how could they possibly all be related?) 

You recognize the underlying hormonal issues and seek information, resources, and help. 

Lana Friesen